Have you ever driven through one of those country towns (Inverell, NSW comes to mind) where the main street has 45º parking? It's so much easier to reverse into, and rear to curb is so much easier to re-join the traffic. 

The ACC is encouraging developers of new caravan parks and those renovating existing parks to put in 45º sites. In our members' experience these sites have many benefits:

  • Less physical stress on the rig's wheel bearings and suspensions, as turns into and out of the site don't have to be as sharp 
  • Easier manoeuvring (which means less stress on the driver and their spotter - this results in the only drawback of these sites - less entertainments for the onlookers!)
  • Less room surrounding the sites is required, and there's less chance of damage to the surrounds (like hedges and poles). 
  • Less requirement for asking others to move their vehicles so you can get into your space, and less chance of having to encroach on other's spaces. 
  • Drive through sites overall become much more efficient to use and install making your park more favoured and popular amongst travellers - they're a gossipy lot!


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