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The Australian Caravan Club (ACC) will be turning its focus more heavily on broader RV industry issues, based on Club Chairman Craig Humphrey’s speech to members at the ACC’s 11th Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Bingara in New South Wales on Saturday.

“Over the next 12 months, I plan to become much more focussed on broader RV industry issues for the Club,” said ACC Chairman Craig Humphrey.  “As such, there will be a heightened focus on dealing with other RV organisations such as the Caravan Council of Australia and NatRoad.”

“This will need to be a medium to longer term activity but your Board is committed to placing the Club at the centre of industry development issues, and champion matters for members and the RV traveller.”

Other highlights of the AGM included a motion that webmaster and former Club director and former Treasurer Rob Tudor and his wife Judy be awarded Life Membership of the Club.  The motion was passed unanimously.  Delivering a Supporting Statement to the motion, former Chairman Lionel Mussell stated how integral Rob’s stewardship of our Club’s finances has been to the Club finding itself in the excellent financial position we are in today.

Former Chairman and ACC Life Member Lionel Mussell was also presented with a Perpetual Life Membership Card, honouring his Life Membership of our Club.

“I am pleased to announce that I will stage the 2018 Chairman’s muster in Elmore Events Centre within the city of Bendigo from 8th to 13th March 2018.  After very successful musters in Kingaroy and Peak Hill this year, I look forward to mustering with members in this area.”

“I also wish to let you know that I propose to stage the 2019 Chairman’s Muster in South Australia in the first quarter. I have yet to ascertain a venue but more on this later.”

Mr Humphrey encouraged members to be part of Club History as the first ever ACC National Muster is staged in Western Australia in October next year.  “I know the team with Pam and Brian Miller and Club Secretary Maria are working hard on making this a very memorable and historic event.”

“I also must congratulate the team for the staging of this 2017 National Muster. It has been a triumphant and masterful return to Bingara and the Gwydir area. Thank you to all involved and I would like to acknowledge the outstanding support from the Gwydir Shire Council.”

“I look forward to another year of endeavour and greatness from the club for all RVERS,” Mr Humphrey said.