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The Australian Caravan Club (ACC) will be working with the National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) with a view to developing a ‘Sharing the Road’ Code of Conduct, ACC Chairman Craig Humphrey announced today.

NatRoad Chief Executive Officer Warren Clark and director Maggie Welsh were key guest speakers at the 11th Annual National Muster of the Australian Caravan Club held at Bingara, New South Wales last week.

“Truckies and RVers have a lot in common,” said ACC Chairman Craig Humphrey. “We all want to travel safely on the road.”

“The ACC has already commenced discussions with NatRoad with a view to developing a ‘Sharing the Road’ Code of Conduct for RVers and truckies to follow.”

“This starts with both truckies and RVers having respect for each other on the road, and understanding  each other’s needs.  At this early stage, the ACC is still pursuing our members’ specific requirements.”

“Truckies complain about RVers using truck allocated space in rest areas and travelling too slow on the road.  RVers complain that there is not enough RV allocated space in rest areas for RVs, and of truckies tailgating them.”

“The reality is that if truckies and RVers don’t work together, both may find themselves faced with regulations being imposed that neither of us want.   I know that RVers don’t want to have to have a special RV licence, and I’m sure that truckies don’t want further regulations imposed on an already heavily regulated industry.”

“RVers need to understand that truckies are keeping the country moving.  They have a strict schedule.  They have regulated rest and sleep breaks that must be adhered to by law.  If these are not met and properly logged, they can face heavy fines, and ultimately could lose their livelihood.”

“Truckies also need to understand that travelling RVers do get fatigued and need to rest or sleep.”

“Each need to be better educated about how to interact with each other on the road.  Both truckies and RVers need to use their UHF to communicate with each other when approaching to overtake.”

“Early discussions have shown that we need more rest areas and many existing rest areas are just not large enough.  I’m sure that a lot of the antagonism that currently exists between truckies and RVers would be alleviated with bigger shared rest areas, and more rest areas for RVers along the major highways,” said Mr Humphrey.

“The ACC is looking forward to working with NatRoad.  I’m optimistic that a Code of Conduct can be developed and that together we will be a major force to lobby for bigger and better rest areas and other ways to improve the safety and experience of both truckies and RVers on the road,” Mr Humphrey said.