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Club Administration

Postal Address:

The Secretary
Australian Caravan Club Limited
PO Box 340

Telephone: 1800 734 493
General Enquiries: Maria Minchin, Secretary
1800 734 493
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Club Chairman: Craig Humphrey
1800 734 493
M: 0409 605 890
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Club Treasurer: Graeme Tree
1800 734 493
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Membership or Show Enquiries: Graham Christie, Director – Membership Support
1800 734 493
M: 0498 765 522
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Media Enquiries: Lynne Friis, Director – Marketing and Communications
1800 734 493
M: 0414 757 129
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Policy, Advocacy or
Town Support Enquiries:

Graeme Tree, Director – Policy, Advocacy and Town Support
Terry Ryan - Policy, Advocacy and Town Support Co-ordinator
1800 734 493
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Marketing Enquiries,

Enquiries about advertising
in The Nomad or on our Club Website:

Lynne Friis, Director – Marketing and Communications
1800 734 493
M: 0414 757 129
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Member Benefit Enquiries: Kim Gladman, Marketing Assistant
1800 734 493
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RVSTAY or RVSAVE Sign Enquiries: Ralph Jordan, RVSTAY Committee Chairman
1800 734 493
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Publicity Enquiries:

Lionel Mussell, Publicity Officer
1800 734 493
M: 0414 893 320
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The Nomad editorial Enquiries: Alan Lazarus, Editor
1800 734 493
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Website Enquiries: Rob Tudor, Webmaster
1800 734 493
M: 0413 604 980
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Club Shop Enquiries: Allan and Heather Hermann
1800 734 493
M: 0403 308 951
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You can download a printable copy of the Club Administration Contact List.


Join The Club


Why Join the ACC?

We are a truly National voice for all ALL RVers.  The more members we have, the greater the voice and impact we have when representing and lobbying all levels of government and the RV industry on issues affecting our RV lifestyle. 

Some members join to protect our RV lifestyle, and some join for the social aspects.  Whatever your reason for joining, by joining you become a member of a fun-loving modern, progressive and growing Club providing plenty of activities and opportunities to assist you to make the most of your RVing experience.


Equal membership rights for ALL eligible RV owners

It doesn’t matter if you have a caravan or a motorhome, a camper-trailer or a 5th wheeler, a slide-on camper or a pop top.  All eligible RV owners are treated equally and have equal membership rights.


Make new Friendships and share Adventures

Our Club membership provides an opportunity to make new friendships and share fantastic adventures in your RV with like-minded people.   As an ACC member, you are entitled to attend the musters or tagalongs of any of our 49 branches throughout Australia.

Gain RV knowledge and experience

You have the option of attending our Annual National Musters held at various locations around Australia each year, with seminars on a wide range of topics of interest to RV owners.  Our branch, National and Chairman’s musters all provide an opportunity to gain RV knowledge and experience from experts and from fellow RVers.


Access a broad range of member benefits

As an ACC member, you have access to a broad range of benefits including discounts at Caravan Parks and Tourism attractions, RV repairers, service and RV related products and Wine Club and Magazine subscriptions.

Stay for free at one of our member Farm Stays

ACC members can short term Farm Stay for free at our member host Farm Stays at various locations in Australia.



A Club managed by its members

We are a Club managed for the members by a Board of Directors who are all Club members, volunteers and dedicated RV owners.




Regular Club Updates

Through our Club’s quarterly magazine The Nomad, our dynamic website, quarterly Member Benefits e-Newsletter and active Facebook page, members are constantly updated with Club News, upcoming events, technical matters, travel information and other RV lifestyle issues.

An Option to join A.C.C.E.S.S.

The ACC has a Code of Conduct for self-containment under its A.C.C.E.S.S. (Australian Caravan Club Environmentally Sustainable Scheme) scheme.  Our members who join A.C.C.E.S.S. receive an A.C.C.E.S.S. COMPLIANT sticker as an indicator that the RV operator has accepted to abide by a Code of Conduct and will engage in lawful and environmentally acceptable practices.  When joining, you will be asked if you wish to join A.C.C.E.S.S.  To find out more about A.C.C.E.S.S., click here.



Together we can make a difference - and enjoy the

great outdoors at the same time.


Join as an Ordinary Member

Our constitution states that an Ordinary Member must own a qualifying unit, which is defined as a Recreational Vehicle (RV) which is a form of mobile living accommodation that is, or can be, combined with a motor vehicle either as a towed combination or as a self-propelled unit which is designed to be used upon Australian roads.  This includes, and is not limited to, caravans, motor homes, campervans, camper trailers, slide-on units, 5th wheelers, etc. 

 Join as an Associate Member

If you don’t qualify to join as an Ordinary Member, you may still be eligible to join as an Associate Member.  An Associate Member may be any person who is interested in RVing or the RVing lifestyle.

- Join On-Line Now -

As an Ordinary Member


As an Associate Member

or you can download and complete a

Membership Application Form

and post, it to The Secretary, PO Box 340, ROSEWOOD, QLD, 4340, or

scan and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


About The Club


Our Club History

The Australian Caravan Club (ACC) was initially founded in September 2006 at the Golden Beach Caravan Park at Caloundra in Queensland.

A group of caravanners felt that the then existing RV Clubs did not focus enough on protecting and representing the interests of owners of caravans.

Since then our Club has grown and evolved to include the owners of pop top caravans, motorhomes, slide-on campers, camper-trailers, campervans and fifth wheelers. While our membership base has changed, our simple foundations have remained. Our focus now is to protect and represent the interests of all RVers, not just caravanners.

Under its Constitution, our Club’s main objective is to ‘promote the use of recreational vehicles and the RVing lifestyle throughout Australia’.


With a strong focus on advocacy, our Club is a voice for all RVers to all three tiers of government and the RV industry on issues ranging from freedom camps and rest areas, to RV lifestyle issues and manufacturing defects.

While many RVers join our Club to strengthen our impact as a strong force to protect our RV lifestyle, RVers also join for the social environment or member benefits that membership of our Club brings.

Our Branches

The first branch of the ACC to form was the ACC Sunshine Nomads on 13 April 2007 in Queensland.

The second branch, the ACC Southern Nomads, was established later in the year on 12 October 2007 with a view to establishing a branch of the Club for caravanners living in Victoria.

From these humble beginnings, the ACC has grown from strength to strength. We now have 49 branches at various locations around Australia from Townsville to Perth, including Tasmania.

Our branches provide a great social environment for members to get together with like-minded people, discuss tech tips, and share friendships and adventure at branch musters, tagalongs, and other branch activities held throughout the year.

To find a branch near you, click here.

Our Special Interest Groups

Catering to the special interests of our members is something that our Club feels strongly about. So with a diverse membership base, to cater for our members who share similar interests, our Club has established a number of Special Interest Groups (S.I.Gs) –

✽ The Lone Trekkers (for solo travellers). For further information, click here.

✽ F.T.T. (Full time Travellers). For further information, click here.

✽ Armed Forces Personnel. For further information, click here.

✽ Owners of English Vans. For further information, click here.

✽ Owners of LOTUS Vans. For further information, click here.

✽ Pets Co-Operative. For further information, click here.

Our S.I.Gs are in addition to our branches. Club members can be a member of a branch and a member of a S.I.G. at the same time.

Club and Branch Events

Each of our branches organises upwards of six musters per year.

Branch musters are always an enjoyable occasion for all attendees. Musters are generally held over a weekend at a location within easy reach of branch members. The number of attendees varies at each muster depending on the size of the branch and availability of its members.

Each year a National Muster is held to coincide with the Club’s Annual General Meeting. The National Muster is a much larger, organised gathering held over a number of days at various venues around Australia –

✽ 2007 – Byron Bay NSW

✽ 2008 – Casino NSW

✽ 2009 – Mildura VIC

✽ 2010 – Maryborough QLD

✽ 2011 – Bingara NSW

✽ 2012 – Mallacoota VIC

✽ 2013 – Mudgee NSW

✽ 2014 – Lucindale SA

✽ 2015 – Beaudesert QLD

✽ 2016 – Shepparton VIC

✽ 2017 – Bingara NSW

Our 2018 National Muster will take place at Denmark in Western Australia from 14 to 21 October 2018. As well has hosting the Club’s Annual General Meeting, the National Muster includes seminars conducted by various experts on RV related topics, traders’ stalls, Club committee updates, happy hours, a muster dinner, games, and craft. Tours are usually arranged to local attractions. There is always something for everyone.

Our Chairman also hosts at least one Chairman’s muster per year. Our Chairman’s musters are smaller and differ from our National Musters in that they are less formal. These musters are held in a different State each year. They provide an opportunity for members living in the region to chat one on one with our Club Chairman and other directors in attendance, on RV and Club issues in an informal atmosphere.

The Nomad

Our Club publishes a full colour magazine, The Nomad, containing a wealth of topics including articles on Club News, technical tips, RV lifestyle and travel, RV product profiles, upcoming musters, branch contacts and our Club Shop catalogue.

The Nomad is issued electronically to members each quarter. Members can elect to pay a small annual fee and receive a hard glossy print version by post. To view electronic versions of The Nomad on our website, click here.

Club Website

Our Club maintains a dynamic website containing a large amount of information of interest to our members and website viewers.

Latest news, an events calendar, a membership directory, an active members’ forum, lists of member benefits and Farm Stays, an Ask the Caravan Guru service for members only, useful links and a What’s On page, are a few of the facilities on the site available for our members.

Our Facebook page

The ACC Facebook page is another news source and social tool for our members and other RVers to keep abreast of RV and Club issues and to contact us via message or visitor post. To view our Facebook page, click here.

We welcome both members and non-members to ‘Like’ our page and ‘share’ posts of interest.

Becoming a member

To find out more about Club membership, click here.

Contacting our Club

Contact details for the Club’s –

✽ administration can be found by clicking here.

✽ committees can be found by clicking here.

✽ branches can be found by clicking here.

Club Management and Operational Structure

A board of directors controls and manages the affairs of the Club according to its Constitution. It consists of six directors elected by the membership. A number of committees have been established to assist the board in specific areas. All directors are dedicated volunteers who receive no remuneration for their work. Details of our Club’s directors are listed at the end of this page.

Dynamic Committees

Our Club has several dynamic teams who constantly work for the betterment of our Club members and all RVers.

Our teams include –

✽ policy, advocacy and town support

✽ finance and administration

✽ RVSTAY (Farm Stay and Freedom Camping)

✽ membership support

✽ marketing and member benefits

✽ annual national muster

✽ communications and publicity

Registered Company

Unlike other clubs that are State-based incorporated bodies, the ACC is an Australian Registered Company that reflects our truly National identity. 

We have a comprehensive Constitution which clearly sets out our objectives and governs the operation of the Club.

To view our Constitution, click here.

The document is in Adobe pdf format and an appropriate reader may be obtained free from Adobe by clicking the following button.



The Club Directors


Chairman - Craig Humphrey, Queensland, Retired Public Servant. Craig has been caravanning with his family for the past 10 years. He is a past president of our Family Firesiders branch. He has tertiary qualifications and extensive management experience.


Secretary – Maria Minchin - Maria has been caravanning since 1990 and joined the ACC when it formed in 2006. Her background is in retail and administration which included several years in the RAAF.  Maria has been involved in the formation of the six WA Branches and is a past Branch Secretary of the Swan River Rovers and WA State Representative on the Membership Support Committee. 


Treasurer - Graeme Tree - is retired after 45 years in financial services industry. Graeme has also spent just over 20 years as Director /Trustee of an Independent school serving on the finance committee.  Together with his wife Gloria they have been caravanning for almost 35 years. They became ACC members in 2010. Over the past 5 years Graeme has been coordinating the ACC Policy and Advocacy team.


Director - Graham Christie, is retired after 35 years in the telecommunications industry.  Joining the club in early 2007, Graham is a past president of the Sunshine Nomads and has been Queensland’s representative on the Branch Support Committee and in this time has seen 7 new branches formed.  Graham and his wife Kaye have spent several years on the road and have been caravanning for 15 years.  He is keen to improve the lifestyle of all RVers by striving to attain  the objects of the ACC.

Director - Lynne Friis –  Prior to retiring in 2013, Lynne worked as a lawyer in a prominent Brisbane law firm.  She holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice.  She has served on management committees of various community groups.  Lynne and her husband Ray have extensive caravanning experience spanning 30 years.  She resigned her position as founding President of the Eastern Explorers branch to take on her Board position.


Director - Greg Sonter is from Queensland and has been camping and travelling with his wife Clare in tents, camper trailers and caravans since 1991. Soon to retire from public service, where he was an Executive Manager in the Qld government’s mapping authority, he plans more travelling. He also has 16 years’ experience on sports association committees, 12 years as President. 


Other Executives


Coordinator - National Muster Futures - Tom Smith,  He's been a caravanner since 1991, and has extensive agricultural representative experience. His main goals with the ACC include freedom of choice for camping locations and promoting safety through education.


Webmaster - Rob Tudor.  Rob retired in 2003, bought a caravan and went travelling.  Prior to retirement he worked for over 30 years in the Information Technology industry both in Australia and overseas. He maintains the Club's web site.

Publicity Officer - Lionel Mussell, Victoria, Author. Lionel has over 40 years and 2 million kilometres experience travelling this great land. He has written a range of books on travelling Australia, operates his own web site which provides advice to caravanners and tourists who look for answers to their wide range of questions about travel in Australia.  Lionel wrote a monthly ‘On the Wallaby’ column for Caravan World for twenty years and now writes a column and articles for ‘GoRV’ digital magazine.


Nomad Editor - Alan Lazarus, Victoria. retired following 35 years in the telecommunications industry, both at home and abroad. He is an avid caravanner, clocking up thousands of kilometres in the last few years. He also has interests in aviation - as pilot and builder of his own aircraft, and journalism. He is currently co-editor of the ACC magazine, the 'Nomad'.



Ralph Jordan - Chairman RVSTAY Committee - Ralph is a retired primary producer, stud master and administrator, with a degree in psychology.  Previously he held responsible positions within Queensland universities and served as a director of the Australian Limousin Society.  More recently Ralph was a Quality Auditor and Environmental Auditor, and has been Secretary of the ACC Northern Bushwhackers branch for the past three years.  He is now a full-time caravanner, and has caravanned many iconic Outback Australia tracks.



ACC Pets Cooperative S.I.G.

Special Interest Group of the Australian Caravan Club for a Pets Cooperative

This group is for Club members traveling with pets to be able to enjoy our National Parks. Musters would be planned to explore our National parks and areas where you cannot enter with pets. On an alternating daily basis one day half of the group would visit the parks and facilities whilst the other half look after the pets.

If you're not yet a member of the Australian Caravan Club you can join us here.  If you're a member and wish to join thie S.I.G., Sign-In to join the ACC Pets Cooperative Group


Owners of LOTUS Vans S.I.G.

Special Interest Group of the Australian Caravan Club for Owners of LOTUS Vans

If you're an owner of a LOTUS caravan the club has established this group to encourage  conversations on all things LOTUS.

If you're not yet a member of the Australian Caravan Club you can join us here.  If you're a member and owner of a LOTUS, Sign-In to join the Owners of LOTUS vans Group


WA's new Branch


Our Club Continues Expansion in Western Australia


One of Australia’s largest RV Clubs, the Australian Caravan Club (ACC), proudly welcomes the formation of the South West Wanderers, a new branch at Busselton, following a successful ‘meet and greet’ last Sunday, Club Chairman Craig Humphrey announced today.

“Our Club is delighted to see the establishment of our sixth branch in Western Australia,” Mr Humphrey said.  “Western Australia continues to see our Club’s fastest growth in membership.”

“Our South West Wanderers branch is the first branch to be established outside the Perth metropolitan area.  It will service members living in the Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River, Augusta and surrounding districts.”

“Sixteen members representing eight RV units have come together to form the new branch.”

The inaugural meeting was officiated by ACC Secretary and board director Maria Minchin.  “We have had several members in the south west area for a long time and they were delighted to finally come together to form their branch,” Mrs Minchin said.  “Last Sunday was a very exciting time for the new branch members as they selected the branch name.  All committee positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer were filled.”

“Congratulations to all the members of the ACC South West Wanderers and their committee,” said Mr Humphrey.

“The ACC is one of the largest RV Clubs in Australia.  Our Australia-wide membership is currently around 4,500 and growing.”

“We are the Club for all RVers.  We welcome owners of caravans, pop tops, motorhomes, campervans, slide-on campers, camper-trailers, and 5th wheelers without discrimination.”

“ACC membership brings with it a huge range of advantages including member benefits, free Farm Stays, and social and fun activities including muster and tagalong events where our members share RVing experiences with like-minded people.”

“We also have an active team who advocate on issues affecting RVers to all levels of government and the caravan manufacturing industry.”

“Any RVer living in the Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River, Augusta and surrounding districts and wishing to make enquiries about joining the ACC South West Wanderers branch, should contact the branch secretary Noeline Williams by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephoning 0428 325 335,” Mr Humphrey said.

2017 ACC National Muster Registration


ACC 11th  National Muster

Bingara Showgrounds and Racecourse,

Bowen Street, Bingara, NSW

13th – 23rd October 2017



The Showgrounds will be open to Members from 9am FRIDAY 13 October and must be vacated by 12.00 noon MONDAY 23 October.

NOTE: There will be no entry before Friday 13th October.

If you wish to arrive early and explore the Region there is a Caravan Park in Town or excellent free camping along the Gwydir River.


On arrival you will be guided to your site by Marshalls so you can set up then proceed to the Muster Office to Register and obtain your Information pack and badges. It should be noted that all vans are to be reversed onto your site with the Tow Hitch pointing outward to the road.


At National Musters all Members are sited randomly NOT by Branches.

The only exception will be for Branch Members attending their first National Muster who will be sited where possible near another Member from the same Branch.


It is requested that any Branches who are arranging Tag-alongs to the National Muster to make their arrival date at Bingara no later than Sunday 15 October and where possible stagger each Member's arrival at the site to avoid any traffic congestion.


Friday   13th October                   - 9:00 am to 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Saturday 14th October                   - 9:00 am to 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Sunday 15th October                    - 9:00 am to 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Monday 16th October                    - 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

The Office will not be open during the Opening Ceremony Monday morning.

A list of Contact numbers for Urgent matters outside these time will be posted at the Office.


Bingara Showgrounds and Racecourse, Bowen Street Bingara.

All sites are level and powered sites have access to power and water.

Unpowered sites will have access to water

Each RV must bring the following:

            * 2 Water Hoses

            * 1 joiner for the 2 hoses

            * 2 way tap adaptor to fit 20mm – 25mm tap

            * An additional 15 amp Power Lead with a water proof joining cover

            * Solar lights are handy to mark obstacles on your site – Tow Hitch etc.

Grey Water:

Grey Water may go on the ground but must be retained on your own site. Please be considerate of your neighbours and don’t let your water encroach on others.

Washing Machines

There are currently no Washing Machines at the Showgrounds but the Muster Organisers are investigating if at least one could be made available.

There is no EPTPOS on site but Credit Card payments can be accepted.


K.I.T (Kids in Tow) group will be organising a Pancake Breakfast. This is a K.I.T fundraiser to assist in the continuing expansion of the program.


National Muster Badges will be provided in your Information Pack and must be worn at all times.

In addition Branch Badges may also be worn. You will need to provide your own lanyard for Badges. All Members are encouraged to wear their National Muster Badge outside the Showgrounds to promote the ACC and from past experience the local traders and general population of Bingara will make you most welcome to their Town.


We are trying something different with the Dinner Dance this Muster which all Members are invited to attend. The Dance will be free and there will be the following options for meals.

  • Paid Dinner provided from a local supplier. The "Friends of Touriandi" will provide a 2 course meal for $20 per head (Set main, choice of desert). There will be NO special dietary arrangements with this meal; or
  • BYO food; or
  • Have a meal at your van and then attend Dance.
  • All options are BYO drink.


At Morning or Afternoon teas Gluten free options will be available, however anyone with lactose/milk special requirements must bring their own.


Craft sessions will be scheduled where you can bring your own particular craft and have a “Stitch and Bitch”. There will be no organised activities.


The Ukulele group will meet each day from 4 -  5 pm for a strum and sing along.  Bring your own uke please.

Beginners are encouraged and will be given the basics so they can join in.  We hope to see last year’s beginners group returning for more fun and all other uke players will be welcome to join in..

We will keep it simple so all levels can enjoy making music with a bunch of friends.  Please find a couple of songs that are easy to play and fun to sing and make a dozen or so copies to share.


There will be no organised Boules or Finska Competition; however Games sets will be available at Happy Hour venues for Members to organise and play matches.


All portable butane type cookers must be of an authorised manufacture. Banned portable cookers will not be allowed.


Play golf at the Golf Club and then stay for Happy Hour and Dinner. Numbers may be limited. Further details of costs etc will be announced at the Muster but an indication of your interest in either or both would be appreciated on the Registration Form.


Play barefoot bowls at the Bowls Club and then stay for Happy Hour and Dinner. Numbers may be limited or it may be possible to have 2 different days. Further details of costs etc will be announced at the Muster but an indication of your interest in either or both would be appreciated on the Registration Form.


Self Drive tour of a Cattle property and morning tea with the owner.

Bring your own Morning Tea and please car pool if possible. If you are not involved in other activities this day it is a good opportunity to continue and visit some local attractions and lunch in surrounding Towns.


The Living Classroom is turning 150 hectares of little used town common into a food production wonderland. It is combining many agricultural activities with horticulture, aquaculture and forestry. Guided Tours will be held on Monday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning. Each Tour is restricted to 50 persons. Please indicate on your Registration your preference as 1, 2 or 3. Places will be allocated on a first in basis.



Mr and Mrs Foster have kindly offered to show us their Solar Powered home and workshop on their farm about 28 kms out of Bingara. They use 48 volts as input into their 7kva inverter which supplies the home and workshop and from this they can run the workshop including a Welder and also Air Conditioning for their home.

There will be no cost for the tour however Mr and Mrs Foster are prepared to supply a sausage sizzle lunch for $6.00 each with money raised going to the Country Womens Association.  Please car pool if possible.


Any Member wishing to sell goods and/or services may do so from a nominated central location.


The Country Womens Association will supply a Guest Speaker and provide Afternoon Tea. Money raised will go to the Country Womens Association


The Bingara Showground is pet friendly. Pets are welcome at the Muster however the following ACC Pet Policy Rules must be adhered to.

Pet Policy of the ACC

When we are conducting an event at a location where animals are permitted members’ pets are welcome at Club functions on the following conditions:

  • Pet owners must obey all local laws as well as any Park policies.

  • Pets are not permitted in food preparation areas or at group gatherings where food is consumed or at formal meetings or in a marquee or hall.

  • Owners must ensure that their pets are not a nuisance to other people.

  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up any ‘mess’ deposited by their pets.

  • Dogs must be kept under control (i.e. on a lead) at all times, except in designated off leash areas and in secure enclosures.

  • When in public places dogs must be kept on a lead.

  • If a member’s pet has been declared a dangerous animal or has exhibited dangerous behaviour in the past then when that pet attends a club event it must be confined or otherwise made harmless in such a way that it presents no danger to any person, pet or animal also present at that event.

Dogs that are permitted by Legislation, accredited and defined under a law of each Australian State or Territory are exempt from this policy.

Any complaints regarding pet behaviour should be directed to the Muster Office.

You can download a copy of the 2017 National Muster Guidelines.


An information sheet on the attractions in and around Bingara has been complied for your information and is on the ACC Website.

Use the following link:



Enquiries regarding the National Muster should be directed to:

By email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on 1800 734 493

Members should sign in to access the on-line National Muster Registration Form