Days of Old, Lunch and Beer

A well-organised tagalong including a tour of the Port of Echuca Discovery Centre, a luncheon cruise on the M.V. Mary Ann Cruising Restaurant, and a visit to a Beer Shed and Heritage Farm Museum were all part of the activities for members on Day 3 of our Chairman’s Muster at Elmore.

On the way to Echuca, we passed a statue of Sir Hubert Opperman, an acclaimed endurance cyclist and politician, and on the way back, we saw a large number of RVs staying at the popular free camp at Aysons Reserve on the Campaspe River, a camp no doubt many of our ACC members will have noted for future reference.

The guided tour of the Port of Echuca was excellent, with members learning about the activities at the Port and how important the Murray River was as a mode of transport with its paddle steamers, in days gone past.  As it was a long weekend in Victoria, the Port was abuzz with several people taking advantage of the day and having a paddle boat ride.  It was great to see the paddle boats cruising up and down the river, taking us back in time.  We were told how Crawford Productions had transformed the street where we were standing back in time, for the ‘All the Rivers Run’ series.  A few members were seen purchasing ice-creams, and in the chocolate and lolly shops!  Our Chairman was seen making a large purchase of alcohol – but we won’t go there!

Lunch on the M.V. Mary Ann Cruising Restaurant was also excellent, and members all enjoyed the camaraderie that came with it.

The next stop was a unique tourist attraction where a local Neil had the biggest collection of beer mugs, beer cans, and an amazing collection of items from the past in two huge sheds on his property.  Neil kept us all entertained for about 20 minutes while he told us a little about the history of several items in his collection in a very humorous way.  Did he actually did drink the beer out of every one of those cans in his collection of thousands like he said? 

Sunset saw the close of another great day at the Elmore Chairman’s Muster and the start of the serenade from the B & S Ball and Rev Heads in the next paddock…but that’s another story.