CPAQL Seeks to Close ‘Kershaw Gardens’ Freedom Camp

Caravan Parks Association of Queensland Limited (CPAQL) is seeking to close the popular freedom camp ‘Kershaw Gardens’ at Rockhampton in Queensland.

CPAQL has filed an Application in the Planning and Environment Court at Brisbane naming Rockhampton Regional Council and The State of Queensland as Respondents with respect to ‘Kershaw Gardens’.  

The application seeks declarations that use of the premises for overnight camping of occupants and visitors in recreational vehicles, campervans, caravans and tents is a material change of use, is defined as a ‘Tourist Park’, and amongst other things, is an ‘unlawful use’ of the premises. 

CPAQL also seeks orders including that the Rockhampton Regional Council cease what CPAQL describes as the ‘unlawful use’ unless authorised by an effective development permit, restore the premises to the state they were in prior to such ‘unlawful use’, erect signage at the premises stating that such ‘unlawful use’ is not permitted, and publish notices advising that such ‘unlawful use’ is not permitted.

The application is listed for directions on 1 February 2018.