Back to the 60's in Toodyay

Our ACC Western Wallabies took a journey back to the 60’s and 70’s at their March muster in Toodyay, about 90 minutes north east of Perth at the northern end of the Avon Historic Tourist Drive which follows the Avon River.

The muster got off to a good start on Thursday night with a meal at the local hotel where the food was as great as the company. On Friday when the rest of the group arrived, some ventured into town to try the yummy pies and pasties at the local bakery while those who are rostered on for dinner preparation were busy getting the food organised for the Tapas night which included prawn cocktails along with lots of other fantastic finger licking food.


The theme for the weekend was 60’s and 70’s …. no, not the ages, the era, and a Quiz night with questions from those two decades was held after the dinner.

On Saturday, some members walked the 5.6klm Bilya Track, some played cards, some did Tai Chi and others just relaxed and got ready for the Saturday night dinner when all the members got into the swing of things by dressing up in their colourful costumes and enjoying food from that era.

Sunday morning was pack up day but all enjoyed the farewell breakfast before heading off in any different directions. Thanks to all for another fantastic weekend. The original village of Toodyay was one of the earliest inland towns in Western Australia with the first village established in 1836.  This was later moved to higher ground and named Newcastle in 1860. The name was changed to Toodyay in 1910 to avoid confusion with Newcastle in NSW.

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