Member Announcement – 2022 National Muster

At the closing ceremony of the 14th National Muster held at Rockhampton QLD, it was announced that Lithgow NSW will be the host venue for the 2022 AGM and National Muster.

Your can view the video presentation on YouTube at:

John Porter


COVID 19 Update     October 2021

The Australian Government has recommended everyone be fully vaccinated and the Board of the Australian Caravan Club Ltd (ACCL) endorses that recommendation.

Members and visitors will be required to abide by restrictions that may be in place relating to their vaccination status when they attend any venues.

The ACCL is not required, authorised, or equipped to validate or enquire into the vaccination status of anyone attending any ACCL events.

When the percentage of the population that are double vaccinated increases, that will result in border restrictions changing and more freedom to travel.

Please continue to follow the requirements and recommendations of all health orders in each State and Territory applicable to the area you are in or intending to visit.

Whether in a location with restrictions or not, everyone should continue to follow good personal hygiene, safe food handling and safe distancing.

Respectfully following requirements of each venue we visit and adhering to the health orders, we can better protect our own health and the health of everyone around us.

Kind Regards

John Porter
ACCL Secretary

October Members Broadcast

Progressive Gas Cylinder Connection Changes

Transitioning to the new LPG cylinder connection on 3.7kg or 8.5kg Gas Bottles

The current Type 21 POL

The Leisure Cylinder Connection (LCC) on gas cylinders from October 2021

The new valve is type LCC 27


  • The new gas cylinder valves will accept your current RV appliance connection
  • Existing appliances can continue to be used normally
  • Cylinders can continue to be used normally and refilled if the cylinder is within the expiry date.  
  • The supply of LCC27 valves is mandatory for gas cylinders manufactured or retested from 1st October 2021 
  • New RV vehicles can be fitted with both Type21 and LCC27 appliance fittings until March 31, 2022.
  • Hose assemblies for use with leisure cylinders with Type 21 connections may be replaced with LCC27 equivalents at end-of-life replacement. 
  • Pigtails as referenced in AS/NZS5601.1 for new general gas installations and in AS/NZS5601.2 for new gas installations in caravans and boats may be supplied with either Type 21 or LCC27 connections, however Type 21 connections with elastomer seals are not permitted. 
  • From April 1, 2022, Type 21 cylinders and appliance connectors are not permitted to be manufactured.

The new LCC27 connection has several safety advantages over the current Type 21 (POL) connection. However, design improvements will mean that a coordinated transition process is necessary to ensure a successful transition.

The LCC27 cylinder connection is cross compatible with both Type 21 and LCC27 appliance connections. However, the LCC27 appliance connection is only compatible with LCC27 cylinders. The transitional process detailed below will seek to ensure that sufficient LCC27 cylinders are available before appliances with the LCC27 appliance connectors are sold. This is critical to ensure the use of adapters is prevented.

Source: Gas Technical Regulators Committee.         (Technical Guidance Bulletin Number14)

Ken Newton

Director Marketing & Communication