ACC Provides Drought Assistance Funds to Dairy Farmer

For many residents of Sydney their knowledge of the drought in NSW is what they see on the evening news. The fish kill near Menindee on the Darling River or the fact the Namoi & Barwon Rivers are dry and are no longer providing the township of Walgett with drinking water. But this drought is affecting areas a lot closer to home than many city people realise. One such example is a dairy farming family operating on the outskirts of Sydney. The farm (Country Valley Dairy) at Picton in Sydney’s south-west (some would suggest on the edge of suburbia) has been in the Fairley family for more than 160 years and they have endured dreadful drought conditions.

The hills surrounding the Country Valley farm. The recent rains have helped but the drought is not over.

“The farm has been in the family for too long to walk away so in May last year we put out a call for help to keep going” said Sally Fairley. “John and I came up with the idea to ask some locals to adopt a cow by donating money to keep them in feed until spring.” The appeal went out on social media and there was a tremendous response but this scheme alone was never going to see them through this drought.
It was these social media posts asking for help that first captured the attention of ACC member Kathy Snell (Golden Westerners branch). It seemed timely last month when the ACC initiated its Drought Assistance support scheme, that the Fairley family farm could be a good candidate for assistance. Kathy called Sally Fairley for an update on how things are going. “Although some rain has fallen we’re still a long way from being able to declare the drought is over and some hand feeding continues. Any donations we receive now go towards paying outstanding accounts with our creditors, who have been most understanding of our situation” said Sally. Two weeks later Kathy was able to inform John & Sally Fairley that the ACC had approved assistance in the sum of $350.00. “Thank you so much for speaking on our behalf to your club as we really appreciate your support and kindness” said Sally Fairley. 
“This is a good example of how the ACC can assist our farmers and farming town communities with a cash donation” said Graham Humphreys, the ACC Drought assistance contact representative. Branches and members are encouraged to think about how you can help out a rural family, community groups or a rural assistance body.  Applications are still open, so don’t miss this opportunity.  For more information and guidelines visit the ACC website and go to The Club > Club Documents > ACC Drought Assistance Support Guidelines.

Luxury RV Dealership Sponsors ACC Wait Awhile Nomads Branch

When Bob Elkington and Jennie Morison from the Wait Awhile Nomads branch in Western Australia were checking out caravan dealerships to purchase a new caravan they selected Luxury RV. Recently relocated to Rockingham, the team at Luxury RV’s have over 40 years’ experience in the caravan industry and the team endeavour to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction. When Bob and Jennie were finalising the purchase they decided to approach Luxury RV`s General Manager Luke Bell to request sponsorship for their branch in the form of a defibrillator. Luke was more than happy to oblige. “This defibrillator will be a life-saving addition for the members of the ACC Wait Awhile Nomads group” said Mr Bell.

When Bob and Jennie collected their new Galaxy Caravan, Luke Bell also handed over the new defibrillator to Wait Awhile Nomads Branch Secretary David Braidwood. “Our branch members sincerely thank Luxury RV Rockingham for this extremely generous sponsorship. With a branch membership of 62 this defibrillator has the potential to save lives” said Mr. Braidwood as he took delivery of the new defibrillator.

“Congratulations to Bob and Jennie on picking up your New Galaxy Caravan! The Luxury RV team here thank you for your continued support and wish you both the very best for your travels” said Mr Bell.

Realising the importance of the availability of a defibrillator during branch musters and tag-a-longs, especially when travelling in remote areas, the branch members had been raising money towards the purchase of a defibrillator. They have now decided to donate some of the funds raised so far to St Johns who in turn have offered to provide qualified trainers at a future muster in the use of this very important piece of equipment.

New Branch in the Goulburn Valley Region

The Club is looking at forming a branch in the Goulburn Valley.  Derek Hale the State Membership Representative will hold an informal information session for those interested at the Shepparton RSL on Tuesday 19th February at 7:00 pm.  

Derek and Gwen will be having dinner at the club from 6pm and you are more than welcome to join them and a table has been booked – “caravan group”.  Please contact Derek if you intend to come along on this evening by the 12th February so numbers can be confirmed with the RSL.

If you can’t make it and would like to be kept informed about the formation of the new branch Derek’s contact is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Mobile: 0408 514 790.  

This is a great opportunity to be part of something new in the region.  So whether you are an existing member or wishing to join the club and live in the area please come along.