Our 2018 National Muster is off to a great start

While our Australian Caravan Club 2018 National Muster at Denmark in Western Australia does not officially start until today, there was plenty of activity at the muster site yesterday.  Members are all in high spirits and looking forward to the coming week!

With more members rolling into camp, the muster campsite at Big4 Ocean Beach is beginning to fill up rapidly, with members excitedly comparing notes of their travels to the muster from all around Australia.

Market stalls from traders and members held at the marquee were a big hit, attracting a large number of members.  

Despite the cold and rain showers, members happily queued for the complimentary Welcome Sausage Sizzle, with the compliments of the Hon Dr Steve Thomas MLC, Member for the South West…and the sausages were delicious!

In the evening, members attended a Poornarti Aboriginal Cultural presentation and received a welcome to country.


Australian Caravan Club introduces SMS member contact

Australian Caravan Club introduces SMS member contact at the opening of the 12th National Muster in Denmark, Western Australia.

The ACC today - in a Club first – deployed SMS messaging technology to connect with members at the Clubs National Muster in Denmark ,Western Australia.

In a unique opening to the National Muster the Club Chairman Craig Humphrey used recently obtained SMS messaging capability to welcome members and advise of the first event on the Muster schedule.

“The ACC Board is excited at the capability of this new communication method to ensure continual contact with members.” said Mr Humphrey.


ACC Board member Graham Christie who has been responsible for introducing the technology noted that “SMS (or Short Message Service) is the messaging protocol used for sending and receiving text messages on mobile phones. It is supported by all mobile phones, from the most basic to the smartest, and offered by pretty much all mobile networks and carriers worldwide.”

“Depending on whom you ask, only about 20 to 30 percent of marketing emails get opened. Compare that to the 99 percent open-rate utilising SMS text messaging. It must be pointed out that the Club at this point  will only use the SMS approach in certain circumstances including National and Chairman’s Musters for program updates and in the very rare situation of widespread emergency issues.” noted Mr Christie.

The Club is working through other uses for the SMS messaging technology with the view that the system can be used for reminders to members regarding upcoming events, new initiatives and membership issues.

“The Board encourages all with mobile phones to be included and I strongly advise members that the service won’t be used as a method of spamming. Members can also elect to opt out of the receiving messages if though so wish.” said Mr Humphrey

Historical event for RV Club with first ever National Muster in Western Australia

The Australian Caravan Club (ACC) will make history through staging the annual National Muster in Western Australia for the first time in the Clubs 12 years of operation from 11th -21st October 2018 at the Ocean Beach Holiday Park in Denmark.

ACC National Chairman Craig Humphrey noted “The National Muster is the showcase event of our Club.  It is the event that attracts the greatest number of our Club members to a region in Australia. While in the region, our members will not only visit attractions and sightsee, they will also significantly boost its economy during the duration of the event.”

“This year is a milestone for the Club where the week long National Muster will be staged for the first time in Western Australia. This is a significant point in the ACC’s growth as we view WA as a major focus of the future of the Club’s growth” said Mr Humphrey.

National Muster coordinators Brian and Pam Miller and their active organising committee have been toiling away for over 18 months in preparation for this historic event.


ACC members have enthusiastically responded to this historic event with over 185 RV’s registered for the National Muster. “This will really assist the local community as ACC research indicates that each of the attendees will spend up to $100 per day whilst in the region. Previous National Musters have contributed over $250,000 to the local community”, said Mr Miller.

Mr Miller on behalf of the organising committee is excited for Western Australia to be hosting the National Muster at the Ocean Beach Holiday Park in Denmark. 

“We have been working in the local region for some time now and developed a wonderful program showcasing the regions natural and community strengths. The program includes organised tours to the Albany ANZAC Centre and Historic Whaling Station and Torndirrup National Park. There will also be visits to local food and wine providers”, said Mr Miller. 

“To also allow a very broad experience we have arranged lawn bowls, golf and a very popular dragon boat paddle option. The visiting members will have a great range of opportunity to visit and enjoy the region”, said Mr Miller.

The ACC Annual General Meeting will be held during the National Muster.