Media Release
State Government Environment Ministers from around Australia have unanimously praised the ACC (Australian Caravan Club) ACCESS initiative, ACCESS stands for ACC Environmentally Safe Scheme.
Members of the ACC who belong to ACCESS agree to abide by the club’s environmentally responsible Code approved by the internationally affiliated ‘Leave No Trace Australia’.
Proactive Approach
In a letter to the ACC, the Hon Albert Jacob MLA, the Western Australian Minister for Environment, says:
“Congratulations in taking a proactive approach to promoting environmentally responsible caravan/camping in national parks and reserves. These areas are immensely popular with visitors from all over the world and the Western Australian Government is committed to managing them for the enjoyment of current and future years to improving camping, caravanning and other visitor facilities in our parks.”
He continues by saying:
“I am pleased to endorse the ACCESS initiative which promotes responsible environmentally friendly camping and your members are welcome in our parks.”
Compliments South Australia’s policies
The Hon Ian Hunter MLC, South Australian’s Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation, says the Code complements South Australia’s policies, guidelines and regulations for camping in national parks and reserves.
He adds: “I am pleased to express my support for the Code and I commend the Australian Caravan Club for its development.
Victoria agrees
The Executive Director of the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries, responding on behalf of the Minister, says:
 “I support the good work your organisation is doing in promoting the responsible behaviour of your members, including that they abide by your codeand obey relevant signage.”
He continues, “The Government appreciates the efforts of your organisation to promote the sensible and sensitive use of our parks, forests and reserves, now and in the future.
Initiatives wonderful to see
Writing on behalf of the NSW Minister for Environment, Ann King, Head, National Parks and Wildlife Service, writes,
 “A significant proportion of NPWS vehicle accessible campgrounds have only basic infrastructure and facilities at the many remote and isolated locations on offer. Initiatives that support the environmental protection of these camping areas, including the Australian Caravan Club’s ACCESS are wonderful to see. ACCESS appears to be well constructed and it is pleasing to hear that your members are committed to the ideals supporting it.
A National RV Club
The Australian Caravan Club is a national organisation catering for all RVs (Recreational Vehicles). It is a Company limited by guarantee with an elected Chairman and Board of Directors.
With branches in every State of Australia it is ideally placed to promote environmentally sound camping and the ACCESS initiative clearly demonstrates this commitment.
Information from:
Tom Smith,
Chairman Australian Caravan Club
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 02 6723 3303 or mobile: 0429 870 823
  1. To leave any area that I use as clean, or cleaner than when I arrived.
  2. To obey all posted requirements of the relevant authority in respect of occupancy of
the selected parking area or campsite, including any requirement to obtain permission
and pay any fees.
  1. In parking my vehicle and caravan or trailer, to consider the requirements of other
travellers in, or intending to use the area.
  1. To contain and ultimately correctly dispose of all rubbish and not to permit illegal or
inconsiderate drainage of any substance, including black or grey water.
  1. To stay in any Rest Area, authorised campsite, or other camping area, for a maximum
of the authorised period, or the period that my caravan or camper trailer can be self- contained, if this is a requirement (whichever is the lesser). If required my containment capability can be re-established by correct disposal of any or all forms of contained waste.
  1. Not to establish a “camp” outside my caravan or trailer, unless beyond the view of other travellers or local residents, except in an approved camp site.
  2. Where possible, to shop locally and support the local community.
  3. In all respects to be considerate of local community facilities and in so doing, to
preserve the continuing privilege of future travellers to use these facilities.
  1. I agree to display the ACCESS sticker on my caravan or camper trailer in a position
advised by the board, and to hold a completed copy of the ACCESS Code of Conduct ready for inspection, should it be requested.

Update:  Received from Brian Wightman MP the Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage

"Thank you for your letter dated 21 August 2013 regarding the Australian Caravan Club Environmentally Safe Scheme, (ACCESS). The Australian Caravan Club (ACC) is to be congratulated on undertaking this initiative to establish a scheme for members regarding grey and black water."

He continues by saying:

"The ACC is to be applauded for their ACCESS initiative, and the scheme has my full support."