New Branch – ACC Blue Mountain Explorers

“The Australian Caravan Club (ACC) is pleased to welcome its newest branch – the ACC Blue Mountains Explorers. The branch continues the strong growth of the Club around Australia and I’m pleased that RV travellers are attracted to the ACC where we pride ourselves for being the Club where Friendship and Adventure begin.” announced Club Chairman Craig Humphrey.

On Sunday, 26 August 2018, and under the guidance of Lorraine Theodoros, the NSW ACC Membership Support Committee Representative, 31 like-minded people met at the Blackheath Glen Tourist Park in the NSW Blue Mountains.

Shortly afterwards, and with great enthusiasm from those attending, the ACC Blue Mountains Explorers Branch (Branch Number 53) was formed.

At the time of writing this article, the new branch has 15 member units. 

Foundation members generally come from the Blue Mountains area but from as far west as Orange.

Lorraine Theodoros also noted that “ACC members in general would also be pleased to know that one comment the group made was that when they have met up with ACC members on the road, the ACC members were always very friendly and always invited them to join them. They were impressed!”

The ACC Blue Mountain Explorers will hold their first muster back at Blackheath Glen Tourist Park from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd of September.  A meeting is planned for Saturday (22nd) at 2pm and an early look at the meeting agenda indicates that members will be strongly encouraged to think about travels and activities.

Gwen Aspinall is the Branch President and Ken Newton the Secretary.  Ang Newton is working in the background assisting with the branch badge design etc.  Further contact details are on the ACC website.