RV club demonstrates strong growth over the past 12 months

At the 2018 National Muster of the Australian Caravan Club (ACC), which is being held in Denmark in Western Australia, the Director for Membership Support, Graham Christie, informed members of the strong growth in membership over the past 12 months.

7 new branches were established in the last 12 months and the club now has 53 branches Australia wide, 19 in Queensland, 13 in New South wales, 9 in Victoria, 6 in Western Australia, 5 in South Australia and 1 in Tasmania.  The average number of RV’s per branch is 27 with 3 branches having over 50 RV member units.

37% of the RV member units reside in Queensland, 28% in NSW and ACT, 17% in Victoria, 9% in Western Australia, 6% in South Australia and 3% in Tasmania.

The club expects the strong growth to remain steady as the club continues with its focus to “Promote the use of recreational vehicles and the RVing lifestyle throughout Australia”

The ACC was founded in September 2006 and is now the second largest multi brand RV club in Australia.