Historic Life Memberships awarded at ACC Annual General Meeting with 3 members acknowledged for their exemplary service to the Club

“This is another truly significant and historic occasion for the Club at this quite remarkable National Muster, with multiple Life Memberships awarded and our first female to gain our highest honour“ said National ACC Chairman Craig Humphrey.

At the Annual General Meeting held today at the National Muster in Denmark Western Australia, members voted overwhelmingly to confer Life Memberships on 3 Club stalwarts.

In a first for the Club, members voted to award a husband and wife Life Membership.  Di Caterer also becomes the first female to achieve such an honour.  Also awarded Life Membership was Di’s husband Cec Caterer.

As well, members voted to confer Life Membership to Victorian member Derek Hale.

“It is an honour to be recognised for the work that we have undertaken over the last 10 years within the ACC.  There has been such a variety available, that we have enjoyed immensely every challenge along the way.  More importantly, with our travels, we have met so many Club members and have made lifelong friends along the way“, said Di and Cec.

Derek noted ”I have been fortunate to be able to assist and develop the Club both in my beloved Victoria and on a national level over the last 10 years. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the amazing support from Gwen.  From our first involvement in branches to the 2012 National muster, and more recently the membership support role and the other facets of our involvement, we continue to enjoy and focus on the Club’s strong social roles and broader issues.”

“This Club is truly fortunate to have members such as Di and Cec, and Derek and Gwen, being so involved over such long periods of time.  As I consistently say, the strength of the Club is in our members and today the Club, as a whole, acknowledge these members in the most fitting way that we can.  On behalf of all members, I congratulate them and do hope that they are an inspiration to other members to become more involved in the Club” said ACC chairman Craig Humphrey.