Australian Caravan Club members encouraged to work with drought affected areas.

At the 12th Annual National Muster of the Australian Caravan Club (ACC) the Board was pleased to announce that following a call to members, and to which the Board also contributed, the Club had raised $5,000 to assist drought affected farmers.

“Following the muster the ACC Board has been seeking input in how best to distribute these funds to needy farmers”, said Craig Humphrey, ACC Chairman.

“Your Board has listened to members across Australia and they are telling us they want to have their say into how and where the funds are distributed. As a group of senior RV travellers covering the four corners of this great country our members have seen the devastation caused by drought.” said Mr Humphrey.

To this end the ACC are encouraging their branches and individual members to identify appropriate rural community groups or other not-for-profit support organisations that they would like to help.

“Our members already travel all over Australia staying in rural areas and with our research indicating that our members spend up to $100 per day we are already assisting these areas. However members have been very strong in wanting to provide more support to the drought affected areas. ACC Branches and individual members can now work with communities to provide some relief to the effects of the devastating drought.”

“Some examples of rural initiatives may include a BBQ within an affected area, donation to a local charity working in an affected region, personal support of farmers through buying groceries and donating to an affected areas charity or a local Council initiative” stated Mr Humphrey.

Further details on the process for accessing the funds is available from ACC Branch Secretaries.

The ACC was founded in September 2006 and is now the second largest multi brand RV club in Australia.