Bushfire Response

There is no need to elaborate on Australia’s recent horrific bushfires, the intensity of which has never been recorded in this scale before. Likewise we need not dwell now on the tragic loss of life and property that has resulted.

Prompt to respond to the East Gippsland outbreaks was Gwen and Derek Hale, hosts of their Farm Stay at Sale where an open invitation was issued to any ACC member to seek refuge at their farm. Several did avail themselves of this opportunity as township evacuation notices were issued.

Surrounded by dense smoke haze are these ACC members at Hale’s Farm Stay, 6/1/2020. (Picture by Derek Hale.)
While grateful thanks is extended to Gwen and Derek for their hospitality, two things stand out from their ready willingness to offer refuge at their farm. First it points out that Farm Stays can respond quickly to any disaster that could arise; and second, the advantage of being an ACC member to have such a facility available. It also points out a ready trust between hosts and guests engendered by ACC membership.
Livestock at the Hale’s farm also enduring smoke haze from the bushfires. (Picture by Derek Hale.)

Report by D. Hale and A. Bebee.