East Coast Flood Crisis


NSW floods: Western Sydney residents brace for worst flood since 1961 as  Nepean River could rise by 10 metresThe flood crisis gripping much of East Coast of Australia and into the interior of our continent is another impediment that will test the resolve and fortitude of our entire community at a time when many people felt the worst of the COVID pandemic, bushfires and drought were behind them.

Today over 18,000 Australians are not in their homes and the many challenges are evident.

Personal safety and that of your community is a priority as we help each other in this dynamic situation.  We know the impacts that these floods are having and will continue to have on people and businesses everywhere now and in the immediate future.

We are thankful that in the past, many of our members have been directly involved in volunteering and assisting various rebuilding programmes and in organising musters in affected towns and regions.

As soon as is practical, we would encourage all members to again support the flood affected areas by holding a muster / tagalong or to shop in regions to help rebuild those communities who need our support.

Our thoughts go out to members, families, friends and acquaintances who have been impacted by the flood crisis.  We hope that everyone remains safe during the crisis and beyond.  Materials can easily be replaced, human life cannot.

Ken Newton

Director, Marketing & Communication

Australian Caravan Club Limited