Important Announcement State & Territory Musters

Following a decision at a recent Board meeting, it was agreed that to improve and expand member interaction with the directors of the ACC, the Chairman’s Muster will be renamed as a State or Territory Muster. 

State or Territory Musters would not just involve one director meeting with members, it would allow as many directors as possible to attend and meet with members in these informal gatherings. 

The 2022 Chairman’s Muster at Charters Towers will continue, renamed as the 2022 Queensland State Muster. 

The National Muster annual event will continue throughout Australia as our flagship event and as recently announced we are ready for 2022, well advanced on researching the 2023 destination and soon we will explore 2024 and beyond. 

Any State or Territory Muster will be separate to and not in competition with any annual National Muster.

To avoid a State or Territory Muster overshadowing a National Muster the following guidelines will apply:

  • State & Territory Musters cannot be held in the same calendar year that a National Muster is being held in that same State or Territory.
  • Organisers of a State or Territory Muster are to consider limiting the size of the muster to reduce the amount of organisation required to hold the event which is essentially an informal gathering.  
  • A State or Territory Muster should have a distinct informal atmosphere and be a completely different format and separate to a National Muster.
  • It is desirable to have a minimum of 4 months between any State or Territory Muster and a National Muster.  

John Porter
ACC Secretary / Director