May Members Broadcast

It’s Showtime

Caravan Industry Victoria has been approved to operate the Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Super Show 2021 Thursday, May 13 to Sunday, May 16 at  Sandown Racecourse in a COVID Safe manner. 

For 67 years the Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Super Show has been Australia’s premier outdoors show. For more information see


The 2021 NSW Caravan Camping Holiday Super Show was a massive success with record numbers visiting the Sydney Show. In 2019 total attendees numbered just over 53,200. This year the numbers jumped to 61,595 with the last day Sunday, accommodating 15,547 visitors.

The 2022 event is scheduled for

 Tuesday 19 – Sunday 24 April 2022

RV Industry Experiencing Massive Growth

The RV industry is currently undergoing massive growth since the beginning of the COVID19 Pandemic. From 2009 to 2019 there were over 20,000 RV units produced each year in Australia. In 2020 it has been suggested there were well over 33,000 units produced.

Some RV manufacturers have withdrawn from capital city shows. Australia's biggest RV manufacturer Jayco, will be noticeably absent from major east coast RV shows this year. The Victorian based RV manufacturer has cited booming pandemic-driven sales and the lengthy Victorian lockdowns which have seriously impacted many Victorian businesses.

The big questions with all this massive growth are obvious. Where are the new parks to accommodate all these new vehicles?

In addition, for those older parks that had been designed for tents and 15’ caravans, when will we see improved and expanded site sizes to accommodate modern vehicles of various sizes to meet customer expectations?

ACC Membership Renewals

In response to the 2020 COVID19 lockdown, last year your board offered an extension to membership due dates by an additional 6 months for members who accepted this generous offer.

To avoid confusion, please wait for your membership renewal notice to arrive before paying membership fees.

Your extended 6 months membership expiry date has been activated and is current in our system. Your new membership card will be issued to commence from the new extended renewal date.


Ken Newton

Director Marketing & Communications

East Coast Flood Crisis


NSW floods: Western Sydney residents brace for worst flood since 1961 as  Nepean River could rise by 10 metresThe flood crisis gripping much of East Coast of Australia and into the interior of our continent is another impediment that will test the resolve and fortitude of our entire community at a time when many people felt the worst of the COVID pandemic, bushfires and drought were behind them.

Today over 18,000 Australians are not in their homes and the many challenges are evident.

Personal safety and that of your community is a priority as we help each other in this dynamic situation.  We know the impacts that these floods are having and will continue to have on people and businesses everywhere now and in the immediate future.

We are thankful that in the past, many of our members have been directly involved in volunteering and assisting various rebuilding programmes and in organising musters in affected towns and regions.

As soon as is practical, we would encourage all members to again support the flood affected areas by holding a muster / tagalong or to shop in regions to help rebuild those communities who need our support.

Our thoughts go out to members, families, friends and acquaintances who have been impacted by the flood crisis.  We hope that everyone remains safe during the crisis and beyond.  Materials can easily be replaced, human life cannot.

Ken Newton

Director, Marketing & Communication

Australian Caravan Club Limited

Suburban Water Heaters



Caravan and motorhome owners urged to check for deadly faulty water heaters before the holidays

4 December 2020

Consumers are urged to check their caravans and recreational vehicles (RVs) for dangerous Suburban-branded water heaters which may emit deadly carbon monoxide.

The Suburban Recreational Vehicle water heater can operate using electricity or gas, and may produce unsafe levels of carbon monoxide when gas is used to generate the heat.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause death, and exposure for a short amount of time can lead to serious injuries. Carbon monoxide has no smell and is unlikely to be detected. It is also highly flammable and can explode on contact with a spark or flame.

The Gas Technical Regulators Committee (GTRC), with the ACCC’s assistance, is raising awareness of the need for repair of thousands of water heaters.

“Do not use the affected water heaters in gas mode under any circumstances,” ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said.

“It’s especially important to check your caravan’s water heater as soon as possible if you plan to go away during the summer holidays. It only takes a minute and it could save the lives of your loved ones.”

“We are concerned that a large number of deadly heaters remain in caravans and RVs because owners have not yet contacted Coast to Coast for an inspection. Coast to Coast Caravan and Leisure has recalled these heaters due to the serious hazards they present. Owners should not take this issue lightly and act quickly,” Ms Rickard said.

Consumers can check if their heater is affected by opening the exterior access door to the hot water service and checking the model and serial number located on the right hand side. They should then enter the serial number at the Coast to Coast website.

“Anyone with an affected water heater should urgently contact Coast to Coast Caravan and Leisure on 02 9645 7685 who will arrange for a licensed gasfitter to inspect their water heater free of charge,” Ms Rickard said.

Consumers will not have to cover any costs related to the supply and installation of the new water heater, or any required associated work, such as the modification of cavity and gas and/or water lines.

Coast to Coast Caravan and Leisure will check every unit, after being contacted by consumers, to ensure the water heater is properly installed and if needed, will replace the unit through a licenced gasfitter free of charge.

Consumers who experience difficulties obtaining a timely remedy should contact Coast to Coast Caravan and Leisure, their state or territory gas regulator or the ACCC online.


Coast to Coast Caravan and Leisure notified a recall for Suburban Recreational Vehicle Water Heaters on 15 November 2019 due to their serious safety hazards. 18,139 heaters have been sold across all states and territories in Australia mostly installed in caravans and RVs via certain caravan and motorhome retailers.

Gas regulators have been working with Coast to Coast Caravan and Leisure to identify a suitable safe replacement water heater. Replacement models initially proposed by Suburban, the overseas manufacturer, also failed testing. A safe model was finally produced, and approved for use in July 2020.

Remediation could not commence until the GTRC was satisfied of the safety of the replacement units. The supplier then needed to import sufficient units from the US manufacturer, at a time when their supply chains were impacted by the pandemic situation.

The supplier advises stocks of replacement units are now in hand and they are keen to get remediation happening quickly. To date, only 210 units have been remediated or scheduled for inspection, and the supplier would like to encourage greater consumer response to the recall.

The affected products are the Suburban Recreational Vehicle Water Heaters with model numbers SW6DEA, SW6DA, SW4DEA, SW4DA, SW4DECA, SW6DECA and SW6PA that have serial numbers between 181315552 and 193002648 (some serial numbers may end with a 'D') and between 8183311827 and 8190201139. They were manufactured between 4 April 2018 and 1 August 2019.

The Office of the Technical Regulator (SA) is the responsible regulator for this product. It is a member of the Gas Technical Regulators Committee (GTRC). The GTRC is composed of gas technical and safety regulators across Australia and aims to apply a consistent regulatory approach to improve gas safety, measurement and quality.

More information is available at Product Safety Australia.

Release number: 253/20