RVERS  urged to check vehicle  AIR BAG

Published: 08 August 2018 08 August 2018

RVERS  urged to check vehicle  AIR BAG - IsMyAirbagsafe.com.au

The hunt for deadly airbags at the core of Australia’s largest safety recalls has taken a new turn, with motorists now able to check whether their car is safe through an online portal.

Led by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, the Australian car industry has grouped together to create a common website where users can enter a vehicle’s registration number to see whether it is equipped with problematic airbags. People can also check vehicles owned by friends or family, as you only need number plate details to see whether a car is safe.

vehicle makers have also pooled resources to create “Don’t Die Wondering”, a provocative advertising campaign encouraging people to ensure their airbags do not pose a deadly threat to vehicle occupants.

The FCAI says 24 people have died - including a Sydney man - around the world as a result of airbags which can rupture when triggered, propelling metal shrapnel throughout a car’s cabin.