(With kind permission of Colin Young, Caravan Council of Australia)

Selecting a suitable tow-vehicle for a caravan or camper-trailer is just as important as selecting a caravan or camper-trailer that best-suits your particular travel needs.

Sometimes a 'vanner already owns a caravan or camper-trailer, and wants to buy a tow-vehicle to tow it. Sometimes a 'vanner already owns a tow-vehicle, and wants to buy a suitable caravan or camper-trailer. Either way, it is vitally important to make a sound decision, based on doing sufficient "home-work", to ensure that the purchase is exactly what you want, to best-suit your travel plans.

The No: 1 requirement is that the combination is 100% legal (compliant), regarding Masses and Ratings, and provides the best-possible safety on the road.

It is a major investment, so take your time to compare a number of different makes and models, noting the various specifications and ratings. Apart from the necessary technical and legal considerations, there are of course, numerous items that will be personal preferences.

This article provides a fairly comprehensive Check-list to best-ensure a specific tow-vehicle is suitable for towing a particular caravan or camper-trailer.

It is suggested that you use a separate Check-list for each vehicle that you are considering, listing your “score” for each item, so that you can then compare all final “Total Scores”.

Click here to download the Selection of a Suitable Tow-Vehicle… For a Caravan or Camper-Trailer