2019 Tara Festival of Culture and Camel Races

From August 02, 2019 until August 04, 2019
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Hello fellow tourers of Australia!

We’re coming up again! The Tara Festival of Culture and Camel Races that is! The first weekend in August, 2019. We’d like to ask you to come and visit us at our little town of Tara in South Western Darling Downs, Queensland. It’s a great weekend! Full of entertainment and events at our festival site, the Tara Showgrounds and surrounding areas.

Our last festival grew again from the one before- many thanks to all of you who have already visited us. As time goes on, we are getting a bit more organised with our camping set ups. This festival we will have the majority of our caravan and motor homes back on the polocrosse grounds, but we will also have a more regimented camping area on our rodeo grounds area. This will be to help us increase the number of campers over there. Once again, we have obtained the services of the Toowoomba Toilet people to supply us with hot showers and clean toilets which will be available for you to use from the Wednesday the 31 st of July when the gates open for camping and they will be in use until the Monday morning after the festival finishes. The camp site fee at the gate will be $30 for either one night’s stay or up to the five nights stay. This fee will help us to pay for the amenities (they don’t come cheap. Last time was near $30k) this fee will be charged on a per vehicle basis as was last festival. Your camping card will be given to you to display on your dashboard for the festival duration, when you arrive at the gate.

Access to the grounds will be permitted from 8am on Wednesday the 31 st of July and you will be welcome to stay until Monday the 5 th of August. The amenities will be operational by lunchtime on the Wednesday and by the Monday morning we will be shutting the temporary down, leaving only the showers/toilets available for your use until you leave Monday afternoon. There are no powered sites available for our campsites and very limited “disabled” sites (these sites are only just a bit closer to the festival gates).

Dogs are of course welcome to our festival camping areas, but they must stay at your campsites. No animals except assistance animals will be allowed into the festival. All dogs are to be kept on a lead at all times and be kept quiet and under control. You all know the rules. Pick up after you dogs please.

Fires will be permitted only in self-contained vessels i.e Oz pigs or fire drums or even half a 44 gallon drum. This is to contain the fires of course, but also because the sites you are camping on are either polocrosse grounds or sports grounds and we don’t want to leave half burnt sticks and logs here to hurt people or horses. Also don’t put any glass or tins into your fires. We have to clean the sites up so it looks like no one was ever there. You know, Take only photos and leave only footprints. Last festival we had a few campsites that ignored this and it took us a week to wait for the coals with rubbish in them to cool down enough so we could pick it all up. On exiting your sites, if you could empty your cold coals into our designated area. That will help us out so much.

Please take note of this……. Telstra is the only phone system that works in Tara. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you have booked sites and use Optus or Vodaphone etc, please make sure your friends know where you are camping before you get here. Last festival again we had to go searching for a few lost friends that couldn’t be contacted by phone. And maybe it’ll be a good idea if you can tell us what type of car your lost friends drive because we tend to get a lot of “ they have a white 4 wheel drive” to go searching for you. Also if your friends arrive on different days to you and you really want them next door to you and you haven’t booked a site with us…. Park your car in their spot or put some rope around their site until they arrive.

At our last two festivals we have been blessed with many of our camping visitors becoming volunteers for us. If you would be willing to help with our many and varied tasks either before or at the end of our festival, can you please fill out the attached volunteers form and send it back to us, or bring it with you. The forms are for insurance purposes so that everyone is covered by law to help out. But also to try to put you with a mob of us that you feel comfortable with and in a job that you can have fun with too.

As anyone knows that has been here before…………… You can’t drink the tap water in town. It is not potable. Please fill up before you come. But if you forget, the Foodstore will have a supply of drinking water. Our water is ok to shower in and wash in and wash up in, but don’t drink it.

We will have someone selling firewood again this festival. Or if you like you can bring your own with you. There will be a small amount on site, but it always goes fast.

Dump points: There is one dump point in town and it will be emptied daily, but please empty your loos before you come here just to help out a little bit. Thanks.

Tara is a small rural town, but we have a lot going for us! We have all the normal shops and services. From a new grocery shop, take away food outlets, bakery, hotel, accommodation venues, caravan park, newsagency, chemist, post office, drapery, second hand shops, rural merchandise , mechanics, electricians, plumbers, fuel outlets, tyre service, hardware shop, hair dressers and other variety shops. We have also a medical centre and a great hospital. We will have an ATM on site during the festival. Other than that, currently as I write this, we have no real bank. (It has caused great dramas) Maybe by the time you get here we might have another bank. Who knows?

WE HAVE NO PENSIONER OR CONCESSION TICKET PRICES. We do however have Early Bird tickets that will be cheaper than buying your tickets at the front gate. Theses tickets will be available online via our website in the New Year, so follow us on Facebook or on the website. If you would like to receive an automatic email when the tickets go on sale make sure you are on our email list by signing up here: http//www.tarafestivalncamels.org.au/join-our-e-newsletter . Early Bird tickets will be available until the end of June, after that, you can only purchase tickets at the gate. You can buy your campsite fee tickets online or at the front gate. Admission prices at the gate are as follows.

Campsites for One night or from Wed to Sun $30 (one price only no matter if you stay 1 day or 3 or the whole 5 days stay)

Single Adult $35, two adults or two adults and up to 4 children under 17yrs old- $70 (other single day prices will be available for your viewing on the website soon)

If you wish to buy your Early Bird Pre-paid tickets online the prices are: Camping site- $ 25, Single Adult: - $30 and Two adults/ family pass will be $60.

So I must end this long winded invitation / information letter ad hope that you and your friends will keep our little festival in mind, and consider coming to stay with us for the event. The website is being regularly updated with new information to tell you what will be happening at the event and what acts we have coming (besides the camels and yabbys). My contact details are under the Camping header on the website. Or as our regular visitors will see, we now have a Camping email address to help you see the email is actually from the Festival and not just some random person.

So if you would like to book 5 or more sites to stay together or if you just need to ask anything about the camping or Tara in general, send me an email at and I will try to help you out. Then all you have to do is drive out here and party on ……….

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you very much for your time and I hope to see you here soon,


Linda Davis Petersen