ACC Cooloola Coasters Cooktown Capers

On June 1, the ACC Cooloola Coasters left for a tag along tour to Cooktown.

The tour was attended by seven caravans who will meander along for about six weeks, taking in the scenery and points of interest in each town and their surrounds.

The Cooloola Coasters try to have something organised each month. If a trip is not planned, they organise to have a get-together lunch.

Cooloola Coasters’ are a branch of the Australian Caravan Club and are always looking for new members to join.


The Sunset Coast Travellers fourth Muster for the year was at Corrigin - a wheat and sheep town 230Km south east of Perth with 32 members attending the Muster.
Corrigin has a famous past. In 2002 it set a World record  for "Dogs in Utes" - a total of 1527 Utes with Dogs descended on the town.

Also of significance and  located 5 km kilometres out of town is a  dog cemetery that has become the town's premier tourist attraction. Local dog owners have gone to the expense of having quite elaborate headstones placed
over the remains of their faithful four legged companions.  It was started in 1974. By the late 1980s there were about 20 headstones and there are currently over eighty. The town, recognising the importance of the cemetery as an attraction, has clearly marked the cemetery with the statue of a large dog and the town's website informs the world that "Any person is welcome to bury their dog at the cemetery, and many have travelled from different towns to lay their pets in their final resting place."

Over the weekend the members travelled to Kulin -about 50 Kms away - to view the "Tin Horse Highway", a collection of about 80 horse statues in a variety of comedy situations made from 44 gal drums and bits of old farming equipment spread along a 10Km stretch of road. Branch members also visited the nearby "Gorge Rock" a local picnic and old swimming hole.

ACC Welcomes Forbes Batteries & Electronics

The Australian Caravan Club is delighted to welcome Forbes Batteries & Electronics to its member benefits programme.

Forbes Batteries & Electronics are a family owned business and have operated in Toowoomba since 1982. 

Forbes sells an extensive range of batteries for any need including but not limited to: electronic devices, vehicles, deep cycle, off grid solar and dual battery systems.  They also sell power products and accessories such as battery chargers,
inverters, cables, plug, sockets and much more. Batteries are their specialty and they pride themselves on not only selling the best products based on a customer's requirements (e.g. budget, power, life-cycle) but also informing one on how to best use and maintain their battery. 

They have experts who can elaborate on any solar related questions and explain how to extract the most value out of their system. 

As a one stop shop, we also provide a variety of services to equip your new battery or fix your device as soon as possible. Our services include phone repairs for old and new models, vehicle installations for numerous auto accessories, free fitting and testing of batteries and lastly, satellite phone hire.

ACC Members will qualify for the Forbes discount card which affords members discounts between 5-15% off products throughout the store.   Let staff know in store that you are an ACC member and they will give you a VIP discount card to present when purchasing in store.