(Australian Caravan Club Environmentally Safe Scheme) 

Frequently Asked Questions. 

ACCESS is a scheme designed to enable members of Australian Caravan Club Limited (ACCL) to camp responsibly in campsites where facilities for the disposal of liquid and/or solid waste may not have been provided by the Authority controlling the campsite.

To help members understand ACCESS and be properly prepared to discuss the scheme with those in authority, or with fellow travellers, we have prepared answers to the following ‘Frequently Asked Questions'.

Q. Does membership of ACCESS enable me to camp in a rest area or campsite where "self-containment" is required?
A. Membership of ACCESS, of itself, does not give a member a "right" to camp anywhere.  These rights are provided  under various Commonwealth, State and Local Government laws and regulations.  The ‘ACCESS COMPLIANT' sticker is an indicator that the operator of the RV has accepted a Code of Conduct and will engage in lawful and environmentally acceptable practices.
Q. What is "self-containment"?
A. In respect of an RV, the term is generally accepted as meaning the ability to contain all waste products (black and grey water and household garbage) within the vehicle until they can be responsibly disposed of.
Q. Is it acceptable for an RV to have limited self-containment capability and still be part of ACCESS?
A. Under the ACCESS Code of Conduct an RV is only required to have the level of containment prescribed for the specific area being occupied.   Thus, e.g. if it is not mandatory for grey water to be contained, the RV does not require grey water containment, in that particular area.
Q. What if my RV does not have the self-containment capabilities required in a specific site?
A. Under ACCESS, you are required to move to a location where your containment capabilities are acceptable.
Q.  If responsible authority challenges the containment capability of my RV, what action may I take?
A. Politely, determine what the problem is.  Show the person your copy of the Code of Conduct and explain why you believe your vehicle meets the requirements of the site. If your explanation is not accepted, note the name and position of the person and politely agree to find an alternative site. As soon as reasonable, advise the ACC Independent Camping Committee of details of the event. The ACCL will follow the matter up and attempt to resolve the issue for the benefit of future travellers.
Q. If I dispose of my current RV, how do I get a sticker for the new one?
A. When you replace your RV, you need to update your ACCL membership details by advising the Secretary.   If you are an ACCESS signatory, include this information in your update advice. The Secretary will arrange provision of a new ACCESS sticker at no additional cost. Don't forget to remove both your ACCL badge and the ACCESS sticker before you hand over your old RV to the new owner.
Q. Why doesn't ACCESS include formal certification of self-containment capacity?
A. ACCESS is a Code of Conduct, which requires constant, positive thought by all signatories.  Formal certification of containment, we believe, may be a misleading indication of real and continuing intention.
Q. How does my acceptance of the ACCESS Code of Conduct assist the wider RV community?
A. ACC exists to improve the total travelling experience, specifically for our members. Our commitment to a responsible Code of Conduct is designed to demonstrate to the relevant authorities that we are serious about preservation of the environment and respect for the privilege of all travellers to enjoy it.  The greater the number of members agreeing to the ACCESS Code of Conduct, the more noticeable our commitment becomes.  Through commitment comes respect. We need the respect and acceptance of authorities and the general public in order to become a viable national voice.


Your question not answered above?  Simply email the Budget Camping Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone the club on 1800 734 493 and your query will be referred to the ACCESS co-ordinator.

You can download a copy of this FAQ here.

Camping and Resting Policies

The Club's Camping and Resting Policies are available for download in the Documents Section of our website.  These should be read and understood in conjunction with our ACCESS Scheme.