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A remedial process has been established for owners of Swift 500 Series gas cookers manufactured between January 1st 2019 and May 31 2020 (inclusive).

In June 2022, Swift Appliance Group informed customers that all Swift 500 Series gas cookers must not be used until further notice after being notified by Western Australia's Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety about a 'serious safety issue'.

The company is asking owners of these cookers to refer to the data plate on the cooker's lid for information about the date of its manufacture. Anvone who is unsure when their Swift 500 Series gas cooker was manufactured should not use it until this has been confirmed.


If your cooker was manufactured in the above date range, Swift Appliance Group says you must follow these steps:

  1. Immediately stop using the front left burner and remove the control knob.
  2. Instruct all others to not use the front left burner. However, the other burners and components are safe for ordinary use.
  3. Install a gas leak detection device if the caravan is intended to travel offroad. The gas leak detection device should be fitted inside a cupboard located underneath the gas cooker unit. If you smell gas, immediately turn off the gas supply at the cylinder and ventilate the area. Cylinders can be isolated and disabled at the 'gas isolation valve' adjacent to the appliance.
  4. Register your details on the Swift Appliance Group recall registry (see link below).
  5. Contact an authorised person, licensed plumber or gas-fitter as follows:
  • If you are able to attend an approved Swift Service Agent, book an appointment. A list of agents can be found through the below link.
  • If you are in a remote area or are unable to access an approved Swift Service Agent, ask a registered gas-fitter to contact Swift by phoning 0412 821 912 or emailing swiftreca| for authorisation and instructions to conduct the remedial process. Swift Appliance Group asks that you do not allow a registered external gas-fitter to conduct the remedial process without Swift's knowledge and consent.
  • All registered external gas-fitters must clearly state their registration number, location and contact details when contacting Swift. Once Swift is satisfied of their qualifications, further support will be provided before the works can be conducted.
  • Once the affected cooker is inspected, repaired (where necessary), and deemed to be safe, it can be used for its intended purpose.



18th National Caravan Clubs Rally 2022

In March 2022, the 18th National Caravan Clubs Rally is being held in Barmera South Australia from 28 March to 7 April 2022.

The Board of the National Association of Caravan Clubs has kindly extended an invitation to the ACC for our members to attend the rally and your Board is happy to promote this event to any ACC member who would like to attend.

At present they have 350 registrations with a target of 500.   Registrations close on 30th November 2021.

 If you are interested in attending or would like further information, please visit their website at for further details including all the eNewsletters published to date.  You will also find information on how to register for their National Rally.

All attendees are welcome to participate in all parts of the program except meetings involving the site meetings, board meetings, etc.  They do not consider opening and closing ceremonies, first timer gatherings, etc., as formal functions.

This rally should not be confused with either the 2022 ACC Chairman’s Muster or the 2022 ACC National Muster.


John Porter

ACCL Secretary

Suburban Hot Water Systems

Dear Valued Client,

Notice of Nationwide Recall on Suburban Hot Water Services (Models SW6PA, SW6DA, SW6DEA, SW4DEA, SW4DECA and SW6DECA)

ACCC Recall Reference: PRA:2019/17885
Coast RV Pty Ltd Recall Reference: CTC001

Serial Number Range: 

  • 181315552 – 193002648
  • 183114087D – 191302511D 
  • 8183311827 
  • 8190201139

Dates Available for Sale: April 4 2018 – September 25 2019

Additions to Authorised Recall Service Agent Network

We continue to work on appointing additional recall service agents around Australia to provide our customers with as much choice and convenience as possible. Since our last email, there have been some additions made to our authorised service agent network. An updated list of service agents can be found here. A list of newly appointed recall service agents can be found below.

  • NSW (Broken Hill) – Broken Hill Caravans
  • QLD (Sunshine Coast) – Giant Caravans
  • QLD (Gold Coast/SE QLD) – Maintenance Made Easy
  • QLD (Mackay) – Tullmack Caravans
  • QLD (Brendale/Northside) – B & B Caravan Service & Repairs
  • VIC (Mildura) – Dean Hibberd Diesel Services 
  • WA (Newman) – DLR Plumbing & Gas
  • SA (Port Lincoln) – Parkeyre Plumbing

We remind all consumers that a recall is currently underway for Suburban RV hot water services that meet the above criteria. For more information about this recall, please visit our website here.

We’d like to thank all consumers who have registered their water heater on our website and received a work order to have an inspection undertaken. We’d like to remind all consumers with an affected Suburban water heater that you cannot operate the unit on gas until a passed inspection has been completed. Some water heaters may leak carbon monoxide into the interior of the RV and this could lead to serious injury or death.

For those consumers who are yet to register, we strongly encourage you to register your water heater on our website ( as soon as possible so that we can send you a work order and instructions to get your unit inspected.

We’d like to stress once again the importance of checking to see if your water heater is affected by this recall and if it is, to register on our website.

From the teams at Suburban and Coast to Coast RV Services, we thank you for your patience and for working with us.

Kind regards,

The teams at Suburban and Coast to Coast


February 5, 2021 Caravan Industry News

Travellers with selected RUA6 and RUA8 absorption fridges–sold in vans between July 2018-December 2020–must cease using the Auto and 12V battery settings and arrange a warranty repair says Dometic. 

Dometic initiated the recall following concerns the 12V wiring loom may overheat and char risking a fire if placed near combustible material.

Affected models include the RUA 6408X 188L and RUA 8408X 224L absorption fridges with following serial number ranges below:

  • MB 82200938 to MB 85100130
  • MB 90200892 to MB 95200685
  • MB 00100565 to MB 03701182

You’ll find these numbers on the rating label on the left-hand wall of the fridge.

For more information, check out the Dometic RUA6 and RUA8 recall notice here.  

If you have sold your van and believe it may contain one of the affected models, Dometic seeks your help in locating the owner 1800 21 21 21 or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lets help keep South Australia fruit fly free.

Did you know South Australia is the only Australian mainland state that is free of fruit fly?  Are you travelling into South Australia from interstate or into the Riverland from within the state? Then read on… 

The following information has been extracted from the Primary Industries and Regions South Australia Web site.

As of 4 January 2019, if caught with fruit or fruiting vegetables illegally at the Yamba Quarantine Station you will be fined.  A zero tolerance approach is also in place at random quarantine roadblock operations in South Australia

Signs and disposal bins are located across the state including at road entry points, airports and rail terminals. You can use these locations to dispose of restricted products.

Road signs will inform you that you must dispose of restricted fruit and vegetables before you enter South Australia.  Additional signs are placed within the state to inform you when you are approaching the Riverland fruit fly exclusion zone.

What you can bring into South Australia

Fresh fruit and fruiting vegetables cannot be carried from interstate into South Australia, unless they comply with import requirements.  Commercial importers generally need a plant health certificate or plant health assurance certificate to bring these items into the State.

Uncertified fresh fruit and fruiting vegetables (those generally carried by the travelling public) cannot be brought into the state. Fines and penalties of up $100,000 apply if you breach these regulations and requirements.

Check your food

Use our handy Food Checker to see what fruit, vegetables and other food items you can and can't bring into South Australia.

Bringing fruit and vegetables into the South Australian Riverland

Additional restrictions apply for taking fresh fruit and vegetables into the Riverland fruit fly exclusion zone from other parts of South Australia. Learn more about bringing fruit into the Riverland.

Don’t risk being caught.

Sydney Tolls Update

Yesterday representatives from RV Clubs of Australia Limited (RVCAL) including the ACC met with the Office of the NSW Minister for Transport on a number of matters including Toll charges for RV’s travelling through Sydney. The following advice has been received regarding a grace period that RV travellers may be eligible for a toll credit -

Are you aware that if you have travelled through Sydney using a toll way since August 2019 you MAY be eligible for a toll credit. ACC received information yesterday that improvements in roadside measurement technology has meant more consistent classifications and charging across toll roads in Sydney. As classifications are determined by vehicle measurements, towed vehicles and caravans may have been impacted by these changes. 

In NSW, the class of your vehicle, along with the distance you travel, determines the tolls you pay. Class is determined by vehicle dimensions and recent improvements in roadside technology has improved the way we detected these measurements. A vehicle’s total measurements includes any towed vehicles, such as trailers, caravans and boats. If you travel with one of these vehicles, your classifications may have been impacted and you might have experienced an increase in your toll road charges as a result. A toll credit for the difference between a Class B and Class A may be available if this impacts you.

Eligibility: To be eligible for a toll credit, you must:

  • Have travelled between 26 August 2019 and 29 February 2020, inclusive
  • Have at least one trip classified as a Class B trip
  • Travelled on one of the following toll roads: Hills M2, Westlink M7, Lane Cove Tunnel, Eastern Distributor, Cross City Tunnel, M5 South-West Motorway, WestConnex M4
  • Have a privately-owned vehicle which was towing a caravan, trailer or similar

Linkt have advised via their website that they have proactively notified customers expected to be impacted by these changes, however some may not have received the advice. The “grace” period is until 29 February 2020, so act now, by calling them direct 13 33 31For full details

The ACC is proud to be member of RVCAL. Originally established in 2007, and formerly known as MoTOURing Australia, it aims to ensure the best legal and political representation can be achieved on behalf of its members.

The organisations that come together to form RVCAL potentially represent more than 710 ,000 recreational vehicles, that is roughly 1.3 million consumers, in a market that is increasingly growing. This figure embodies a substantial majority of our domestic RV tourist and the extended drive tourism market in Australia.

The four organisations that make up RVCAL are:

  • Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia Limited: ABN 16 095 568 157
  • National Association of Caravan Clubs Limited: ACN 141 272 844
  • Australian Touring RV Club Inc: ABN 81 322 749 403
  • Australian Caravan Club Limited: ACN 121 300 856

Response to NSW proposal to enforce fines for Rest Area infringements 

The Truck Friendly caravan road safety program is working with the Australian Caravan Club Ltd and others to help promote a cooperative and supportive relationship on the nations roads, roadhouses and rest areas. There is also a strong need and push for better education of caravanners, RV drivers and truck drivers on how best to share the road. Click following to read response from Ken Wilson (Truck Friendly)

Read more: Response to NSW proposal to enforce fines for Rest Area infringements