Our Media Releases

Our Club’s communications team regularly issue media releases to various RV media and general media outlets to promote our RV Lifestyle.

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12 June 2018 - High rego fees not only issue affecting caravanners in New South Wales

1 Jun 2018 - Grey Nomads do boost NT's economy says major RV Club

24 May 2018 - Australian Caravan Club calls for truckie and vanner summit

9 May 2018 - RV Club scores half a century with Eureka Bandits in Ballarat

9 April 2018 – Sugar City Pioneers continue quest to save lives

6 April 2018 – Tassie Travellers celebrate 5 years of growth

3 April 2018 – RV Club injects over $37,000 into local community

26 March 2018 - Australian Caravan Club holds second successful NQ combined muster at Airlie Beach

22 March 2018 – ACC Gold Coast Gadabouts Celebrate 10 Years

2 March 2018 – ACC Tassie Travellers Turn Five

19 February 2018 – Major RV Club to muster at Elmore

19 February 2018 - 28 January 2018 – Sydney Freedom Seekers are ready to roll

23 January 2018 – Southern Nomads Turn Ten

15 January 2018 – ACC Stalwart retires from Club Board