Road Safety

In this section we’ll provide articles to help RVers gain a better understanding of safe driving while towing to encourage a feeling of more confidence on the road. Subjects may include:
developing a strategy to anticipate and avoid hazards; an understanding of braking reaction times and the distance required to bring your rig to a stop; ascending and descending steep hills in a safe manner; taking emergency action.

The Truck Friendly Program

The ‘Truck Friendly’ program is the brainchild of Ken Wilson. Ken is an active caravanner. We are also pleased to say he is an ACC member. The program is designed to help all drivers understand how they can be friendly to the huge number of truck drivers on our highways so that we all get home safely. In July 2019 the Australian Caravan Club and Ken Wilson signed a Memorandum Of Understanding to work together to enhance and promote the program within our Club. ACC members wishing to participate in the program may apply for a ‘Truck Friendly’ sticker subject to the following;

The stickers are designed to show drivers following that you :- 

  1. Have a UHF radio fitted and turned on. No UHF – NO Sticker.  
  2. Have read and understand the driving guide on the Truck Friendly web site. click on Join The Program and download a copy of the program (driving guide) flyer
  3. You want to help other drivers and are friendly and cooperative.

Unless you tick all the above you do not qualify for a sticker. The large green stickers should be placed in the upper rear, driver’s side, of your RV or caravan. By placing all stickers in approximately the same location it makes them much easier to recognise from a distance.

Check out Ken’s Facebook page Truck Friendly for more tips and updates on the Program.

The initial batch of stickers will be made available to branch representatives at the Warrnambool National Muster. Following the National Muster, Branch members who meet the above guidelines and wish to participate may approach their branch committee representative for a Truck Friendly sticker. At this time the stickers are provided free and there is no cost to participate in the program. At a future date arrangements will be made for non-branch members to also obtain these stickers.

Truck Friendly

In this section we'll provide ways for RVers to be more aware and courteous towards our fellow road users and become a ‘Truck Friendly’ advocate.

2019 National Muster

This year the ACC National Muster is to be held at the Surfside Holiday Park Holiday Park in Warrnambool, Victoria from the 14th to the 20th October 2019

You can download a copy of 


Registrations close on 31 August 2019.

Registrations received after the closing date 31st August will be considered on the availability of sites.

Members will need to sign in to access the registration forms.

Evernew Van Owners S.I.G.

A Special Interest Group of the Australian Caravan Club for owners of Evernew Caravans. 

The Evernew Owners Group (ACC EOG) has been established for members to share their experiences, tips and seek advice on all things Evernew from other owners.

The group aims to enjoy social activities by attending musters and tagalongs where members can interact, form friendships and exchange information and ideas.

If you're not yet a member of the Australian Caravan Club you can join us here.  If you're a member and an Owner of the an Evernew Van, Sign-In to join the Owners of Evernew Vans S.I.G.

Jeep Owners S.I.G.

This SIG is open to all Jeep owners in The Australian Caravan Club.

The aim of the group is to keep all Jeep owners up to date with the operation and maintenance of their vehicles.

As most Jeeps in our club are used for towing purposes, the information will be based mainly on the later model Grand Cherokee. Other Jeeps are of course welcome and associated problems investigated.

All Jeep owners are encouraged to participate with any information that may benefit other members.

Suggestions on how and where we could buy our spares and service our vehicles cheaper will be of benefit to all members. 

Hopefully we can all learn from each other and save some time and money along the way. 

We will also endeavor to hold social activities where possible, around Australia and of course, at Annual Musters.

If you're a member and are the owner of a Jeep and would like to share your experiences and tips, or receive advice from other owners, Join the Jeep Owners S.I.G.

Centurion Driver's Road Safety Tips



Driver's Road Safety Tips

Western Australian transport and logistics company Centurion has produced a Driver’s Road Safety Tips card as a guide for RV travellers to use when passing road trains.

Centurion has provided us with a complimentary copy and given us permission to use it.  A very special thanks to Centurion.

You can view or print a copy of Centurion’s Driver’s Road Safety Tips card here.