Special Interest Group of the Australian Caravan Club for Full Time Travellers

CALLING ALL FULL TIME TRAVELLERS OUT THERE who are on the road fulltime and don't have a base that allows them to have regular contact with a local branch.

Being on the road full-time does have, or create some unique circumstances and consequences.  It could be helpful to hear how others handle some of these, to share tips and to know if we are maybe in the same vicinity for a catch up.  

While the group's focus would be fulltime or most of the year travellers, it would not exclude others interested in the lifestyle.  It could facilitate opportune catch ups with other ACC members / groups.
If you're not yet a member of the Australian Caravan Club you can join us here.  If you're a member and a Full Time Traveller, Sign-In to join the Full Time Travellers Special Interest Group.