A Special Interest Group of the Australian Caravan Club for Solo Travellers. This group was set up for Solo Travellers, to allow them to form a social network within the Australian Caravan Club. We do travel with couples, we are not wanting to be on our own all the time, but quite often are. We will sometime in the future be a strong group, that will be a lobby group in its own right. Calling all Solo Travellers, Please consider joining this group. A place where all Solo travellers can state where they are at any given time or place in OZ, so that other Solo travellers can join each other for a tagalong, Give support, share experiences or just meet up for a cuppa or Happy Hour. We are RV users who are travelling on our own.

If you're not yet a member of the Australian Caravan Club you can join us here If you're a member and a Solo Traveller, Sign-In to join the Lone Trekkers Special Interest Group.