2018 Winter Nomad Out Soon

ACC Members – Keep an eye out for the electronic version of your 2018 Winter Nomad arriving into your email Inbox shortly.

At 56 pages, it’s our largest ever issue and crammed full of fantastic articles to interest you.

Our Caravan Guru answers another technical question and there’s an article by the CCA on basic caravan maintenance. 

For our members travelling across the Nullarbor to our national muster in Denmark, Western Australia, there’s more travel features including what to see when you arrive in the South West region.  If you haven’t yet registered for our national muster, national muster registration documents, programme and information are also included.  


There’s an article on differing speed limits when passing emergency service vehicles per State, and a weigh-in sheet for you to complete and take your tow vehicle and van to the weigh station to check you are compliant.  

Several of our branches have celebrated 10th anniversaries this year and our Tassie Travellers turned 5.  You can find out all about why we have Special Interest Groups (S.I.G.s) and what A.C.C.E.S.S. is about and how to join.

Need to contact us about something and not sure what to do?  There’s an article setting out frequently asked questions and where to go to resolve them.

Autumn Parks of the Month, Autumn Freedom Camps of the Month, more new member benefits, and upcoming branch musters are listed, and there’s a Club Shop catalogue.

For our members who subscribe to receive a full glossy hard copy, this is currently well underway with our printer.  You should receive it within the next 10 days.

So watch out for your Winter Nomad and make sure you click on the email to open it, and then click on the link to view and read it.  You won’t be disappointed!