RV Lifestyle and Technical Developments.


To establish processes to monitor and disseminate information to Members on developments in the RV industry. 


The Primary aim is to ensure that any information that has an immediate impact on safety is communicated to members promptly.

The Secondary aim is to ensure that members are aware and advised in a timely manner of innovations or product developments that assists with enjoying the RV lifestyle.



Covers product recalls or warnings, new products, product reviews relating RV’s, tow vehicles,  RV/camping accessories used inside or outside an RV and other accessories or equipment utilised in the RV lifestyle.


       Australian Design Regulations (ADR)

       Caravan Council of Australia    (CCA)

           Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CCIA)


            Product Recall sites

            Google Alerts

           Caravan forums and other sources supporting the RV lifestyle.

Methods of Dissemination

            Email for urgent safety issues

            Notes from Board for less urgent issues

            Nomad to publish all issues to ensure all members get the info even if belated

            Website link for Members to use to reference issues covered.