Yesterday the National Farmers Federation put out a media release about our finalised project exploring large agricultural vehicles on roads in Australia. The ACC assisted us in circulating the community survey to our club members and when completed the club requested an update on project outcomes. 

As part of the project a project report was published which provides an overview of the project and the key findings. This can be located on the ACC website as as follows-  Download Franklin Project Report.

The link to the media release is here:

In particular a key point that related to caravans on page 20 in the report - most large agriculture vehicle related incidents and near misses involve cars. the researchers  posited on page 21 that the reason that caravans and trucks might be perceived as posing high risk when interacting with LAV, and more generally, is due to the fact they are memorable. Likewise the quote from a focus group participant on the same page indicates some similarities between LAV and caravans. Such that caravan drivers/towers may also experience the brunt of other drivers frustrations, similar to that of LAV operators, due to the fact there can be a small speed differential with other road users and that the road may not always allow for pulling off to let others pass.