Volunteers Wanted

We need you!

With three committees under way and beginning to get stuck into their allotted tasks we need to bolster their numbers with more volunteers.

Independent Camping Committee

 Chairman Don Reid is looking for representation from every State so that he can compile an accurate picture of what's available throughout Australia for camping either at no cost or at budget rates. Once we have the information we will look at areas where some action is needed to protect and increase the availability of facilities for our members.

Promotions and Marketing Committee

Chairman Barry Konemann's committee is charged with promoting membership, obtaining sponsorship and Nomad advertising and in general ‘selling' the club. He has a couple of committee members already but Barry would welcome a few more helpers.

Annual Muster and AGM Committee

Chairman Gary Duncan and his committee have the task of finding a venue and making the arrangements for our second Annual Muster and the AGM. Once the date and venue is finalised I'm sure they will be looking for more help.

If you can spare some time and are interested in working on a committee please email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.