Caravanning News

2008 Annual Muster Activities

Ladies.  The Annual Muster Committee needs your help!  Members have asked us to make sure we include something for the female members in our programme and we are trying to do that.  There is already a craft group at Casino Village and we have been invited to join them.  But we need something else.  We have a couple of ideas but we men really don't know how to get them off the ground.

{rokaccess guest}Sign In for more details.{/rokaccess}{rokaccess !guest}If you are going to the Muster how about putting your hand up to act as the organiser of a fashion parade?  We can put you in touch with the local shops and you can take it from there.  This will be a great way to work with the local business community and give our lady members some time away from all the boring talks on caravans, weight distribution hitches and Garmins.

If you would like to help make this Muster a resounding success, and can perhaps get a group of like minded ladies together, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone Don on 0419 391 037{/rokaccess}

Three New Branches

The future of the ACC is in our branches and I am delighted to welcome three new branches to our fold.

A very sincere welcome to each of them and my hope is that branch members get great enjoyment out of social activities as members of branches and also feel proud to be members of our vibrant and fast growing club.

This brings the number of active branches to nine.  You can see the general location of each branch on the map provided in the About The Club section of the website.

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Latest from the Queensland Show

With the assistance of the weather, fine blue skies and quite warm, day 2 of the Queensland Caravan Show has seen a steady rise in the flow of visitors calling at our stand.  What is surprising us is the general level of knowledge in the community about the ACC.  Many of or visitors already know about the Club.

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Queensland Show Latest

The Queensland Caravan Camping & Touring Holiday Show runs from the 4th to the 10th of June at RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane.

Our booth is set up at the front of Building 14, the Tourism building.


If you are visiting don't forget to drop past our stand and say hello to Barry Konemann (Bazza) and his band of volunteers.

Branch Locations

We are establishing more and more branches.  To help members and prospective members locate the "home" area of our various branches, we have put a map of branch locations on the About The Club page.  Contact details for our Branch officials can be found in the Contact Us section.  We have a South Australian branch in the process of formation, details will be available shortly.

SUPERSHOW SUCCESS Leads To Extended Show Presence

The Sydney Supershow is over but the success of our efforts will be reflected in the number of applications that roll in over the next few months. 

Besides the new members who joined up on the spot, more than a thousand brochures containing membership applications were handed out to interested caravanners by our team of volunteers. 


Barry Konemann, our promotions guru, has written an excellent report on the Forum under his Marketing and Promotions Committee heading and I’d like to add my thanks to everyone who lent a hand. 

Spurred on by this success, the Board has decided we will take part in the Brisbane Caravan Show in June and we will have a stand in the Tourism section of the show.

Lionel (Mussell)

ACC Creating Interest at Supershow

Our first ever appearance at a caravan show has certainly created a lot of interest from caravanners and exhibitors alike.

Although our stand is in an area with less traffic than some, there has been a steady stream of people coming to chat to our volunteers, sign up or just take a brochure away to study later.

I’ll publish a full report after the show but the volunteers manning the stand for the first three days have felt the exercise well worth the effort. Barry Konemann, Gary Duncan and Ken Glover have been with me and form a great team.


The stand itself with the ‘Welcome’ banner designed by our secretary and first seen at Byron Bay, plus large blow up posters highlighting our activities has created an excellent impression of our club and its professionalism.


The new brochures showing the benefits of belonging to the ACC have also sparked good interest and should continue to bring new members for a quite while into the future.

Other volunteers will be with us later in the week and we have already had members visiting the show drop by to say g’day.

Lionel. ACC Chairman